I’ve heard tales about you,
whenever he speaks your name.
Do you know that he’s remained true?
His feelings for you are still the same.

There are always problems;
arguments and disagreements between loved ones.
He may try to act cool,
but I’m not some gullible child easily fooled.

He still loves you.
Everyone can see that.
His broken heart has turned him blue.
It’s killing me to see him so sad.

Is it true that you’re coming over?
This time, are you willing to fight him back again?
It’s not up to me to make him feel better;
for I am just a distant friend.

You are the love of his life.
To him, you’ll always be his wife.
May you be able to work things out
and start loving each other again without a doubt!


(Jakarta,3/5/2013 – 10:50 pm)


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