Say what you mean.
Do what you want.
I know you’re desperate to be seen;
dying to be the only one.

Let them all hear you.
Make them notice what you do.
You’d feel wonderful if they considered your words,
even when they often (had to) hurt.

Are you one of those clowns with painted smiles?
Do you suppose I’ve got the eyes of a child?
You perceive my quiet manner
as a sign that I don’t know any better.

Or is it just my anger?
No, I’m too old for such a childish tantrum.
I need to keep moving forward to feel happier.
I refuse to stay dumb.

So, I’ll just let you play the same old cards,
telling me that I’m not being smart.
That’s alright; I won’t take it personal.
You’re just sad that I’ve never been that gullible.


(Jakarta, 7/6/2013 – 3:50 pm)


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