I can never win, can I?
With you, all I do is never enough –
even when I do it out of love.
To you, I’ll never be perfect.
Your constant demands keep me feeling gagged.

I can never win, can I?
I never step taking care of our kids,
even when you’re more than reluctant
to help even just a bit.
You complain that I have no time for you,
even when you see I’ve got lots to do.

I can never win, can I?
You just know how to make me feel ugly,
just because I don’t always dress up beautifully.
Meanwhile, it’s okay for you to be a slob.
Society here even supports you,
telling me that criticizing you is not my job.

I can never win, can I?
I guess not,
so help me God.
It’s not that I don’t need you.
It’s you who don’t even want me to.
Only God knows when
this nonsensical unfairness shall end.

I may never win with you,
but someday soon you’d be left feeling blue.
I’m not always around.
Someday soon, I may never be found.
If that day ever comes,
don’t feel too bitter.
Perhaps you can consider yourself a real winner!


(Jakarta, 15/6/2013 – 12:30 pm)


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