“NO WAY!”(2)

“The thought of romance is a distraction,”
she muses as she dances alone.
She’s used to being on her own.

“Oh, no. Not again.”
They all look pained,
while she’s working her hardest to stay sane.

“I don’t want love to mislead me anymore,”
she announces coldly.
“Wrong people and the same, old heartache won’t do me any better.
Let me be.”

“But you don’t know for sure,”
they all argue.
“Maybe he’s the right one for you.
Perhaps this time, you will be cured.”

Alone, she sits in her room;
her heavy thoughts covered in gloom.
She is afraid to go to sleep,
for that face will turn up in her thoughts so deep.
She might wake up crying,
all laden with unbearable longing!


(Jakarta, 30/6/2013 – 11:50 pm)


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