Anyone can see you in many ways they like;
in the darkness or out in the light.
Some choose to see so little of you,
probably because they don’t even know what to do.

Some choose to see what they want to see;
expecting you to be whom they prefer to see.
Are you part of some socially-constructed mythology;
in the hearts of this desperate, yet aimless society?

Who are you, really?
Who are they?
Do you truly belong to this community,
even when you feel more like an anomaly?

Who choose to see the real you?
I’m afraid it’s just a very small few.
Some turn away because they’re not really ready.
Some others stay and let you be’
or insist that you change your views.

Anyone can see you in any ways they like,
but what about you?
What do you see when you face the mirror?
Is it a familiar face of a stranger under pressure?
A drastic, coerced change that might possibly lead you nowhere?

Who are you, really?
And…oh, dear God;
why won’t they just leave you be?


(Jakarta, 14/7/2013 – 12:25 pm)


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