There’s that smile on your face that lifts her spirit up,
somewhere high in the sky above.
Don’t you know?
She can’t resist your glow.

There’s a smile on your face every time she sees you.
It’s hard to believe but true.
If you knew,
would you run off and leave her feeling blue?

There’s a fading smile on her face,
as her heart slowly breaks from your warm gaze.
Oh, what a disgrace!
She should stop looking at you too long.
This is just so wrong!

She knows the meaning of that smile on your face,
when you talk about the love of your life.
Jealousy has been her worst enemy for days;
it’s almost turned her into an overdrive.

“God, why won’t you make this go away?”
every night, she silently prays.
“I’m afraid I can no longer pretend,
but I still want us to be friends.”

Pray for her.
Pray that she’ll suffer any of this no more.
Maybe one day she can see you smile,
without feeling all this hurt!


(Jakarta, 12/9/2013 – 4:40 pm)


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