There are questions
right there in your deep, dark brown eyes.
They’re wondering about my silence:

Every day we meet,
exchanging smiles.
You kindly greet me
and we talk for a while.

Still, those questions linger
probably like the cold winter
back in your hometown
as you try to conceal your frown.

How do I tell you
what’s been troubling me?
I hate to share you these blues,
when I only want to make you happy.

Please, don’t get me wrong;
this isn’t a romantic love,
just a sisterly affection.
For now, I hope it’s enough.

Perhaps someday I’ll open up more,
perhaps not.
I’d rather not scare you and make things worse.
I just don’t have the heart.

You may say you’re a man,
yet you still have the heart of a boy.
You’ve always been such a good friend.
I’d rather see your world full of joy.

Just pray that I’ll be okay.
Pray that these haunting ghouls will go away.


(Jakarta,3/1/2014 – 10:30 am)


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