After two weeks off, going back to work this week feels…odd. I still find myself feel a bit out of place, which is rather silly, of course. (Have I been away too long?)

Everyone’s been so nice and supportive. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising to me. It feels more…overwhelming than when I returned after I’d collapsed at work out of pure exhaustion last year.

For people who love getting loads of attention more frequently, like my sister and her husband – or my now estranged friend Lady Oracle for example – they might possibly love it. Not only that, they might also use it to their own advantage. I know that.

Sorry for sounding spiteful for a moment there. For those of you who have just caught this entry, I’ll try to fill you in on what you’ve missed. It’s a pretty darn long story, I should say.

It’s a shame that – after Dad’s funeral – I had to part/grow distant again with one of my (supposedly) ‘besties’ (that’s the term she used when she wrote what had enraged me on her Twitter timeline.)

Oh, well. It doesn’t matter anymore. She’s always asked for this silent treatment, like a stubborn little girl who refuses to learn. She doesn’t even listen.

Alright, I’ll stop.

I went to see barongsai (the dancing, giant dragons for every Chinese New Year celebration) at PIM with Gigi and Mz.D last Friday. Fun times. I always love hanging out with these two fantastic ladies. No drama, no sick and twisted competitiveness with each other. No rubbish, because they’re so positive about life.

Ma’s already back from her umrah trip. There are still many things to be done. First things first.

My brother’s stepped in as ‘the new head of our family’ at home. It’s still not easy for him, though, especially since he’s the youngest and has always been such a nice kid. Well, the bad news is: he can no longer be too nice all the time for this role. It’s about time he ‘showed some seriously sharp fangs and claws’. (It’s a term in my country that means: ‘showing assertiveness and firmness’.)

Mz.D said he’d be needing Ma and me for moral and mental support. She’s right about him.

In the meantime, I’d like to focus more on what’s ahead. A trip to Bandung on February 9 with co-workers. I badly need to get away from this city for a while.

Hmm, what else? Work and writing. I keep on writing more and more these days, which is good. It helps me too.

You know what? I’m going to dedicate my very first novel to Dad. It’s the very least I can do besides praying for his soul there.

Hopefully I can make it this year.



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