He’s told me about you – two lovely souls so pure and true.
Your sweet, childlike innocence is a blessing.
It’s the world of joy you bring.

I’d like to get to know you.
He says you’re cool.
He’s been to this part of the world,
where he’s seen those less fortunate.
Hopefully you’ll grow up to be a fine, generous man
just like the meaning of your name.

I’ve seen a picture of you.
Little girl, you’re beautiful.
You always put that smile on his face.
He adores you, kid, for your grace.
Hopefully you’ll grow up to be a true beauty,
just like a garden in heaven, you’ll see.

My best friend has spoken of you,
and I know he’s been missing you too.
No worries, dears.
The time is coming near.
It’s just a matter of ‘when’,
before you’ll be seeing him again.

So, are you ready for this summer?
It’s the return of your big brother,
and all of you again will stay together!


(Jakarta,15/5/2014 – 9:15 am)


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