I don’t know why, but it seems to me that all I really do these days is just catch up with things.

After having finished the 100-page novel and had it sent to the publisher successfully, I fell sick. No surprise. Sleepless nights always get the best of you in the end, one way or another.

I’d only gone to work half of Friday and called in sick on Saturday. My migrained had acted out pretty badly last weekend. I’d slept half of Saturday before finally getting up and forcing myself to at least eat something…even just a bit. Then I returned home that night. I’m glad that my nephews and niece still remember me so much that they always ask me for a hug when I come around.(Awww!)

I bought myself a new phone after the old one’s broken. I went to Kris’ wedding with my brother. It was alright. We enjoyed our time there. The food was also great.

Tony B’s returned with a healthier-looking tan and a smile on his face. Kind of eases my pain…



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