I can’t quite put my finger on how I’m really feeling these days, so I hope these two separate fragments above on the title can describe them well. Missing my moments, lost in space…


I’m missing my moments a lot. I miss writing what I really love and it’s killing me inside, but time flies quickly because I’ve been hecticly busy. I’m lost in space. Work, work, work. That’s all I do.

I need to allocate some more decent time to write what I really, really like. I don’t care what it takes or how. I need to stay sane that way.

What have I missed telling here? Quite a lot, I guess. I’d been stuck in an elevator one night and everything was dark around me because of the power-out. (Freaky!)

I ended up taking the emergency stairs up to where I needed to go. Tired? Yeah, but it was nothing compared to those 250 steep, stone steps in KL.


Hmm, what else?

I went to watch STOMP’s live performance with one of the girls from the writers’ club Melody. The show was amazing! It was so funny that I laughed so hard.

Hazel Eyes is definitely coming here on October 26…and I haven’t found a temporary home for him yet. God, help me please…



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