Feel the world’s mind-blowing chaos.

See just how far it goes

before it slowly chokes you, leaving you overwhelmed,

throwing you into the darkest of realm.

“It’s only your own, vivid imagination.

Start treating it like a non-existent dimension.”

Easy to say, yet you can’t expect them to know.

Their carefree mockery leaves you feeling low.

Let’s just face it,

sometimes we need to cut down on that unrealistic, ‘superhero’ bit.

No need to expect them to always understand.

You’re only human; do what you can.

Sadness and defeat are normal,

but don’t let them make you feel less than whole.

Temporary retreats don’t always mean that you’re a weakling coward.

You can’t find the battle alone, if you have been too badly hurt.

It’s time for you to embrace solitude.

Perhaps once again, it’ll make you feel good.

Leave that chaotic part of the world outside for now,

until you’re ready to bounce back somehow!


(Jakarta, 30/1/2015 – 7:00 pm)



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