I guess I should say I’m lucky. I’m glad I’ve been busy lately. I’ve got more and more important things to do. Haven’t you got them too?

I can’t believe that we keep on dealing with the same, damn issues. Do we really have to do this over and over again? Haven’t you learned?

I don’t think I believe that you’re so busy. You’re lonely. If you really were that busy, you wouldn’t have time to fret over little matters. You wouldn’t have time to be nosy, because you are (supposed to be) minding your own business. Then you wouldn’t have the time and energy to be so insecure about everything.

I can’t believe that I keep on writing about you this way. I don’t want to. This always saddens me, I swear.

The only reason we still hang out with you is that…we’re all grown-ups here. We’re way too old for silent treatments over small issues. Besides, Hazel Eyes still cares about you. So do the girls. You have no idea just how concerned we are with you.

What about me? Well, that’s a good question. I still do, honestly. I always pray for your happiness. I always pray that soon you’ll be so busy doing better, more important things in life that make you feel happy, worthy (or at least less insecure, that is!), and…just stop poking into other people’s businesses – especially way, way too much. Perhaps you’ll learn to stop taking things way too personally and jumping straight into your own negative conclusions which can always potentially hurt people’s feelings. (But you don’t really care, do you? As long as you present your opinions to the world and makes sure everyone knows that you do!)

Perhaps you can just take it easy. Perhaps you don’t have to be so bloody controlling that you hardly give us a room to breathe – or a decent space for a proper dialogue. God, man!

Like last weekend. Hazel Eyes and I had already made plans on Sunday, but you somehow imposed on Dito – who was in town at that time – to meet up with us. It was okay, really. We all know you meant well. You always do. Although it started off awkwardly at first, thanks to the whole classic misunderstanding, the three of us – Hazel Eyes, Dito, and I – managed to have fun together in the end. We checked out the house in Pancoran and watched “Kingsman” at Kokas.

Do you want some credit for that? Okay, as usual – thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I really, really do. Too bad you couldn’t be there, although the whole thing was your idea. As usual, you do this.

However, I am constantly irritated by your overreaction to things. I mean, at first you didn’t ask him if he’d actually HAD the TIME, did you? You just asked him if he’d wanted to meet up with us while he was in town.

And of course, being a true Javanese he was, he’d felt bad to decline – despite his already busy schedule. (I know it was his fault too that he didn’t get back to any of us sooner.)

Thanks to Hazel Eyes, that day ended well. Dito was very sorry for the whole misunderstanding and we’ve already forgiven him for that. It’s just that simple.

However, you just won’t quit it. Thank God you didn’t say that to Dito’s face. (Did you? Oh, whatever. Not my problem!)

First, you called him a ‘drama king’ –  when in fact, you had something to do with it. Then you demanded to see his pictures with Hazel Eyes and me right away. Hazel Eyes told you that he was going to post it on his Path. Being the typical, impatient and obsessive you – you quickly checked. No, not yet.

Then you simply accused him – on FB, where the world can see – that he’d only posted that picture on ‘Inner Circle’ for just Hazel Eyes and me. Nice going. How thoughtful. Didn’t you know that Dito had to fly home first?

Of course, he defended himself by clarifying that he hadn’t posted anything on Path yet. (By the way, have you apologized to him?)

Dito didn’t have to tell you that, but I could tell that you’d hurt his feelings. It was all because of your quick assumption and (rather) harsh judgement.

Want some advice? By the way, this is also Hazel Eyes’. Next time, ask first. It’s just simple and no hassle that even a six-year-old can do. Because if you keep on doing this and believing that you’re always right and others are always wrong, then be ready. You might start losing friends really quick – and I’m not kidding. Even the most patient, loyal, and tolerant can lose it too with you if you keep on doing this.

What’s funny is that you continue being a hypocrite by lecturing other people on how to behave in social media, when in fact that your own words inspire nastiness and hatred. How does that work, really? It’s okay if you do it, but not okay for other people to do it too?

Too bad I can never say this to your face. You’ll get all worked up, defensive and angry anyway, like you always do. You always feel like the rest of the world is out to get you. No wonder it’s really hard for you to be happy. I feel terribly sorry for you. You’re still so insecure with yourself, which always makes you full of suspicions and spite.

And I’m sorry, that doesn’t make it okay for you to act like such a jerk to people – even friends who genuinely care about you. Stop pitying yourself like that! And if you say that you’re just being your usual, brutally honest self – then I’m sorry, that’s not going to pull this time. Being honest doesn’t always mean hurting people’s feelings too. There’s this thing called ‘diplomacy’ – and please don’t always confuse it with hypocrisy.

And no, stop saying that you’re just being who you are. That still doesn’t validate it. We love you for who you are, but you can still improve yourself if you want to. YOU always have that choice!

We’ve all got things to do. Haven’t you got them too?

Perhaps it’ll be best if you keep yourself as busy as possible from now on. That way, you won’t have the time nor the energy to:

  1. Cause more drama.
  2. Constantly think bad of others, even people you know.
  3. Poke your nose into other people’s businesses.
  4. Constantly act like you’re holier-than-thou.

Trust me, you’ll be much happier that way. Give it a try.




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