Who are you?
What do you want from me?
Is what you are really true?
Am I slowly driving myself crazy?

How did you get into my isolated castle?
I thought I’d locked all the windows and doors
I thought the front gate had been bolted to avoid troubles,
yet you’d somehow barged in uninvited, and I still don’t know why and what for

How long are you staying?
I’m still undecided
despite this creepy yearning
this in-explainable dark forces that leave me jaded

Can I trust you?
Will that be a stupid thing to do?
They say it’s alright to feel,
but I don’t even know if you’re for real.

These questions still linger
I wish for your straight answer
instead of being all that shadowy,
keeping me guessing your true personality.

I’ll let you stay,
if you don’t bring me misery.
I’ll send you away,
if you plan to slowly…and softly kill me…

But then again,
how do I know?
That’s another good question
a naughty curious cat with its primal pleasure
of toying with my brain…


(Jakarta, 14/10/2015 – 00:35 am)


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