I never know how winter feels like;
those still, frozen pictures and moving screenplays give me such a sight
all beautiful in white
but then again, I’ve never experienced a frostbite

Perhaps I’m just a bored, tropical area resident
stuck too long with the same old scents
smells and other aromas too
with not much to do

This is a long holiday,
but too bad, this time I don’t have a lot to say
Perhaps these are just a few of those days
when you’re not always okay

Still, the winter sky in those pictures remind me of you
your icy, steel-like eyes so blue
Perhaps I just haven’t got enough to do
so I can just stop feeling what I no longer wish to

We all should be able to start over,
one way or another
moving on to something better
growing wiser, although not always happier…


(Jakarta, 21/12/2015 – 8:40 pm)


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