Imagine yourself with claustrophobia but in an open space
It’s what you have to put up with every day
Those who try to put you in disgrace
while you just mind your own business, do what you may

That’s what it feels like,
putting your life out there on the line
even when you’re not picking a fight,
they still somehow feel entitled to violate your civil rights

Starting from what you wear
Oh, you’re supposed to be scared
Stay safely home instead of going out there
even when you don’t feel this is fair
But hey, what the hell do they care?

It’s a surprise that you can still breathe,
‘though it’s getting harder to conceal what lies beneath
a built-up anger threatening to rise all the way up to the surface
before it soon explodes, right in the face of everyone on earth

Every day you find yourself dying to scream,
fighting back tears that no longer stream:
“Damn it, this is my world too!
Don’t I have the rights to feel safe here, just like each and every one of you?!”

Imagine yourself with claustrophobia in an open space
You thought you could get it out of your system for good, instead of revealing it in your face
yet another news about death by gang rape
suddenly leaves you with more heartbreak
and suffocates you with undying, yet burning rage

No, you have no idea how to get away,
pretending that everything is still okay…



(Jakarta, 3/5/2016 – 6:16 pm)



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