I had that blood-thick dream again
She came along, revealing her pain
tears in her eyes, full of rage
A real live character, popping out of your story’s older page

You were there, with that sly grin on your face
Was it a quick reminisce from those good old days?
I just stood there, transfixed at the sight of you two
A sudden paralysis caught me off guard, not knowing what to do

Then I realised I had to get away
“He’s all yours; no worries” was all that I said
However, once I turned around, she stopped me with her reply
I could hear in her voice, her furious cry:

“Oh, but he came back for you.
Not me…”


Fear was throwing me into the abyss,
as I was hyperventilating
struggling not to forever sink…

…until I woke up today,
not knowing what to make of this
without sounding too crazy

It was just another nightmare
No need to be scared
No need to
Just don’t let that ever happen to you

Just a silly, scary nightmare…



(Jakarta, 26/6/2016 – 8:00 am)


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