Alright, August is almost over. September is approaching soon. I’m getting even busier and unsure whether I’ll still have the time to write in here.

Wait, scratch the last part, please. I have to make the time. There’s a difference between writing for the job with doing that out of love.

I’m moving to a new place. After the raise of the rent, I realised that I couldn’t stay here anymore. I couldn’t afford it. Plus, I’ve got more work involving going from one far place to another. The transport fee can be quite a killer; not to mention the traffic.

Thankfully, I’ve found a new one. It is still in the same area. Not an ideal one, but at least it’s still better than nothing. As long as I still have the AC and the wifi in my room, all is good with me. I need the wifi for my freelance writing job and other work-related stuff.

Hazel Eyes is leaving soon, which is on September 23. Meanwhile, a new friend named Bryan is entering the picture. No, I don’t have a crush on him or anything like that. Besides, I’m not his type and he’s got a girlfriend already.

All I can say for now is: he’s an interesting character.



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