(Dark Thoughts of The Bullied)
It’s more than a vacant space
or lack of expression on one’s face
It doesn’t contain nothing,
‘though it’s not always solid beings
Is silence easy?
Dark thoughts are stuck in the brain
driving you insane
It’s equal to a silent scream,
struggling to fix reality with a broken dream
with so many words to say,
do they even matter anyway?
Is silence easy?
There’s no answer; it’s eerie
with beating hearts and stomachs that churn
silently praying you won’t get burned
Feeling too much and you’re touchy
Some may even bitch about you being a cry-baby
Whatever, they have no idea
They’re just poster kids for arrogance and superiority
Is silence easy?
No, but it can be creepy
with something ticking underneath
obvious but out of reach…
…until one day,
silence isn’t there anymore
as bodies decorate the floor
with dark red as the main colour
another picture-perfect of pure horror…

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