You say it’s just a talk,
like normal people making a conversation
It’s part of being social,
despite the annual scrutiny and judgment
“Hello, there
Have you gained weight?
Sorry, your change’s quite drastic there
No worries, you can lose it again
and also look great”
“So, any boyfriend lately?
No, how come?
Don’t you get lonely?
Let me introduce you to someone I know
You should give this one a go?”
“When are you getting married?
Come on, remember your age
You’re already qualified as an old maid
Fetch a man with a better bait”
“Hey, you two look great
Wait, no kids yet?
Have you tried any methods?
Come on, every married couple wants kids”
“Your little one is gorgeous
Have another one or two
It’ll be much more glorious
and your first one will have playmates too”
“Don’t give me that frown
You know I care, right?
I don’t mean to bring you down
I just want what’s best for you
so no need to pick a fight”
Uh, excuse me?
You say it’s just a talk
This conversation has been normalised
far way too damn long
Oh, well – it’s the risk of being social
the annual scrutiny and judgment
for everything that’s considered wrong!

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