I want a lot of things in the world. I want good things, like: joy, peace, safety, and comfort for all of us here. Nobody wants anything bad.
Nobody does, unless it gains them some benefits I have no idea of. I don’t even want to know. No, thank you.
If you ask me, there are so many things I want these days – especially during Ramadan. Some I’ve already got, others I’m still working on. That’s always the case, eh? We can’t have it all. We don’t always get what we want.
This is Ramadan, so for a while – we will not have breakfast nor lunch together. Not even coffee-breaks. That’s okay, right? We can go straight to dinner if you like.
Let’s sit, eat, drink, and talk. What about? Anything but politics, please. Anything but anger, hatred, suspicions, accusations.
Don’t believe everything you read, hear, and watch. Get off your social media once in a while. Let’s sit at the same table, face to face. Talk about our family, friends, hopes and dreams. Talk about hobbies, favourite things, and stuff we love to do to make us feel happy. Harmless stuff, that is.
Let’s get to know each other…again.
And let’s just be friends.

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