Let’s be honest
You’re aching for a paradise
not this wretched world
where we all stand on this dying earth
Let’s be honest
Your souls have been restless
Your faith’s always tested
but there are times you’re just jaded
Let’s be honest
when you choose to meddle in personal businesses
the shady affairs of others
just to make yourselves feel more superior
Come on,
let’s just open up
and get it over with
Empty slogans
like your empty pockets
You’re only motivated by greed
For once in our very short lives
please, just be honest
Would you wish to spend the rest of eternity
checking out other people’s morality?
I don’t blame you
if it’s for money
Perhaps you’re just hungry
but don’t you dare tell me
you’re holier-than-thou
Be honest
even if it’s not always the best
It’s still a policy
even when you’d rather pretend
as anyone can be…
(Jakarta, 23/5/2017 – 9:00 am)

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