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Oh, I’ve had it with your sick, sappy love songs
Why should I hear them all day long?
Wherever I went, they were up in the air
demanding that I should care
Don’t you have anything else?
Are other genres just second best?
Yes, I am way beyond bored
and starting to wonder
if I should stay away from your stores
I’ve had it with sick, sappy love songs
They all sound depressing
like some stalker’s sad obsessions
I guess my heart can take it no more
always ready to run for the exit door
I need something more empowering
something I really want to sing
Unrequited love shouldn’t feel like a death penalty
With or without him,
I should still be able to feel happy
So, enough with your sick, sappy love songs
even when love has again gone wrong
Maybe I’m still in absolute denial
but I need this attitude, even for a while!
(Jakarta, 8/10/2017 – 11:15 pm)


I believe there’s a reason

your shattered heart’s been revealed

even when you refuse to mention

or worry you may never heal


I know I’m just a stranger

in this other part of universe

I don’t even know how to make you feel better

Even a single poke might turn it worse


Hello, shattered heart

Once again, I’m taking a break from my logic

just to mend your hidden scars

Hopefully, you’ll no longer get sick


Talk to me

I’m right here



(Jakarta, 17/10/2017 – 8:40 am)


You complain about my hair
You make me want to swear
or the chubbiness in my cheeks
which somehow gives you the creeps
Then you go on with my nose
as if that isn’t close
to insulting my appearance
You won’t even waste your chance
After that, the colour of my skin
too dark for you that I need some whitening cream
but I’m not your canvass
God, why won’t you give it a rest?
Next, is my extra fat
which you consider really bad
You act like you’ve earned a PhD
on how to be healthy
They tell me to ignore you
so that’s what I do
but hey, you still carry on
even when I’ve had it; I’m done
Perhaps you think you mean well
but your big, nasty mouth has been my living hell
How do I get you to shut up
without slapping you to stop?
Who are you to judge?
Why do you keep playing God?
Perhaps, I’m not your ideal beauty
but hey, your wicked heart is really, really ugly!
(Jakarta, 26/9/2017 – 6:40 pm)


I know you didn’t mean to see me through

It’s something you can’t help

and what you wish you never had


“Have patience.”

That was what you said that night

when we decided to reunite


How are you, old friend?

I’m glad we’ve reconnected

It was good to see you again

after over a decade


I am thankful, though

You’ve put yout ‘abilities’ to good use

instead of trying to gain control

towards other people


I know I’ll always have these questions

about what your ‘third eye’ has ‘seen’

You were right; it’s better unmentioned

Never again will I let that affect me


In the end, God decides

We don’t own all the light

We can only do our best

and let Him do the rest.



(Jakarta, 30/8/2017 – 10:00 am)


All privileged
with your life figured out
Opportunities are there
You get to do anything and go anywhere
Flaunt your college degree
perhaps some scholarship from another country
Still, that’s not good enough
if your heart’s devoid of compassion, empathy, and love
You think you have the ball
but the field consists of many players
Going solo doesn’t make you greater
You don’t always make the call
so stop being dull
This world doesn’t revolve around you
Other people are important too
There’s that pride before the fall
Talking to you feels like facing the wall
Still, you hate to be ignored
but you look down on others
What’s all that for?
So, Mr.Know-It-All
I hope you still have a soul
With all that money and intelligence in your brain,
your rotten attitude towards others makes you an unbearable pain!
(Jakarta, 2/9/2017 – 6:30 am)


Are you coming home tonight?

I’m waiting for you

I’d rather stay up

because your phone cannot be reached through


Where are you now?

The last time we talked, you sounded scared

It’s been hours and I have a bad feeling somehow

The night is eerie and still, my thoughts full of dread


I’ve been waiting anxiously,

keeping my eyes on the door

hoping that soon you’ll return to me

like many times before


But no,

that door is still closed

I’ve asked your friends and nobody knows

My fear is becoming a creepy ghost


Are you coming home tonight?

God, please tell me the TV news isn’t right

Bullets have taken lives at the club

and I remember where you’re at


No, you’re not

You can no longer come home

You couldn’t even answer your phone…


…because you’re already gone…



(Jakarta, 13/6/2016 – 2:20 pm – inspired by all the random shootings that had taken places…and lives everywhere )


Sometimes a soul wanders
to find somewhere safer
not in the shape of a building
a house full of material things
A soul can fear a mirror
where the reflection might cause dread and terror
A soul can get overcome by voices in their heads
or a loud noise to drive every one mad
Once in a while,
that soul finds something that makes them smile
like a pair of welcoming arms
to turn their hearts warm
in a few minutes of ‘home’
(Jakarta, 12/9/2017 – 10:15 am)