She’s been dismissed
considered a freak and overly sensitive
‘though she believes
something’s got to give
She’s been heartbroken
fooled by promises then abandoned
but it has taught her to remain independent
‘though it’s sometimes okay to reach out to others
willing to help her
to become better
She’s been taken for granted
left feeling jaded
with piles of debt
but hey, nothing can hold her back
They can do what they like
she’ll put up her best fight
again and again, with all her might
All in all,
she’s made a promise to herself
despite all the crashes
and how she has to burn
she must always rise again
like Phoenix from ashes…


This is probably nothing new. Still annoying? Sad but true.
The fact is, there are some people we should never waste time and energy arguing with. Why? No, it’s not because they’re always right or downright intimidating that they think they’re scary enough for you.
They’re just…mentally-exhausting. To be more precise, here are the five nominees:
1. They (think they) are always right.
It never matters if you’re sure that they’re not (and have proofs regarding it) or if you simply disagree with their point of view. Even if they’re already proven wrong, they’re not going to give up that easily. They’ll always find excuses, whether it’s their age and experience, or you just don’t qualify to be their equal.
2. They just love attacking you personally instead of focusing on the current and more real problem.
Let’s just face it; they don’t like you and their ego is much bigger than their common sense. It doesn’t matter if you happen to be right. They’re not up to be argued, especially by someone like you. They’ll always find ways to put you down in hopes of keeping you quiet, even if it means giving nasty comments about your age, what you wear, and even how you think and feel. It doesn’t matter if they’re completely off the subject you’ve been arguing.
3. They just have to have the last word.
Keep arguing and they won’t stop. Try to keep quiet and give them what they want. Remember, having the last word doesn’t always mean winning the argument. Just think of this as giving the last piece of cake to a little child just to avoid their tantrum. That’s it.
4. They don’t even know what they really want, yet get upset when pointed out.
“Alright, so what do we do next?”
“I don’t know. Up to you.”
(minutes later…)
“Why are we doing this?”
“I thought you said it was up to me.”
“Yeah, but not this.”
“Then what do you want?”
“I don’t know.”
Get it?
5. They’re just looking for an emotional punch-bag.
It sucks to be you around them, eh? It’s not always your fault, but you’re still the one expected to take all the blame. Trying to take it personally is not easy.
Enough said.


Let’s be honest
You’re aching for a paradise
not this wretched world
where we all stand on this dying earth
Let’s be honest
Your souls have been restless
Your faith’s always tested
but there are times you’re just jaded
Let’s be honest
when you choose to meddle in personal businesses
the shady affairs of others
just to make yourselves feel more superior
Come on,
let’s just open up
and get it over with
Empty slogans
like your empty pockets
You’re only motivated by greed
For once in our very short lives
please, just be honest
Would you wish to spend the rest of eternity
checking out other people’s morality?
I don’t blame you
if it’s for money
Perhaps you’re just hungry
but don’t you dare tell me
you’re holier-than-thou
Be honest
even if it’s not always the best
It’s still a policy
even when you’d rather pretend
as anyone can be…
(Jakarta, 23/5/2017 – 9:00 am)


I don’t know if you consider this good news or bad news. I don’t even know how to tell you this. All I know is that she keeps on bugging me.
That’s right, she’s been on my case since she first met you. Oh, no. Wait, I think that was the third time.
You know what people say. Sometimes it only takes one look, one smile…and that’s it, your whole world’s been turned around. A much more logical part of me has rejected the idea long ago. This ain’t no fairy tale, as I keep telling myself – over and over – as often as I tell her.
This is real life. Anything goes. Anything can happen anytime.
This means, she shouldn’t be putting her head in the clouds. Whether it’s Cloud Number 9 or 10, it’s just the same.
They can all be equally misleading.
Still, she can’t seem to get you out of her head lately – and she has no idea why. Has love started forming somewhere in the bottom of her old heart, slowly infecting her entire being – like some alien virus with no cure?
Isn’t it just her curiousity that breeds this somewhat nonsensical obsession?
Either way, she has somehow made me see you through her eyes. How your serenity has struck her, slowly threatening to shatter her tough exterior, her cool composure. How your soulful eyes and gentle voice are like soft waterfalls to her fiery rage against the wicked side of this world.
And your smile…God, seriously? Do you really need me to go there?
This is why I’m not sure how to tell you. Will this be good…or bad news?

“FACT OR FICTION? (Yours Truly, The Hoax Creator(s))”

Fiction sells better these days
It keeps you guessing anyway
It depends on how well we craft
and if you happen to be pretty daft
For us, it’s entertainment
We also receive huge payment
while you’re eager to find the facts,
even when the codes are hard to crack
Fact or fiction?
Keep on arguing
We’ll just sit back and enjoy the view
as you keep on fighting to insist on what’s ‘true’
We’ll make fiction believable
even when it causes more trouble
What do we care?
Who says life is always fair?
The fact is, we still get royally paid
It doesn’t matter that we spread so much hate
You never have to like what we do
but hey, don’t you want our money too?
Yours truly,
The Hoax Creator(s))


The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle has never asked for any of this. Once again, this happened and her friends have cheered for her. They consider it a miracle.
After a while, Love has started knocking on her Castle Door…again and again. This time, it is soft and continuous despite her best effort to remain cool and almost oblivious. It is patient, but with a much stronger persistence.
Love is present…in the form of a pair of Soulful Eyes and a Serene Smile. Those are such rare qualities in one, not in this chaotic world nowadays.
Is this really love, though? Is it not just her curiousity…and aching fixation just to get away from reality? They hardly talk and rarely meet. Is he always that soulful and serene? You know what they say; there’s always more than meets the eye – so much more.
He is indeed a magnetic mystery. Will she risk herself once again – even with just a step forward – to uncover what lies beneath that tough exterior, the shield of all his truest emotions? Does she even dare?
They say it’s normal and okay. She deserves to be happy.
Perhaps this time, he really is The One.
However, she still has that second thought. What if Soulful and Serene were also a warlock in disguise? What would she do?
Will he be a miracle…or another similar trouble?


Through my eyes I can see
you, overcome by agony
There’s your wall of misery
such a painful sight as can be
but the other side of you
has given me that smile, so serene
I wonder where you have been
and why that smile always kills my rage within
Still, you’re overwhelmed by agony
and I find myself standing outside your door
too afraid of moving forward
because I haven’t got the cure
Will you still let me in,
even if I show up
completely empty-handed?